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Sun Safety at Work

                                                            Sun Safety at Work Canada wants workplaces to be safer for outdoor workers by improving sun safety.                                                                            Outdoor workers have a higher risk of skin cancer and heat stress, and occupational sun exposure is a                                                                                significant risk factor for both conditions. However, sun safety programs can be challenging to successfully                                                                      implement in outdoor workplaces. For more information click here.


Benefits of Green Spaces

Benefits of Turf / Grass

Benefits of Plants and Landscapes 
Programs, information and events to help CNLA, its provincial partners and their members promote a cleaner, greener environment. Industry Specifications for Municipalities / NS Download the latest industry specs.

Canadian Landscape Plant Database  Test your plant identification skills by viewing a picture of the plant and guessing the botanical and common name.  This PowerPoint will help you prepare for the Softscape Installation, Ornamental Maintenance, Retail Horticulturist and Design exams.

Continuing Education CNLA and its provincial partners offer a wide variety of education programs ranging from the technical to motivational. Many of these education programs directly support the CNLA certification programs, but are also excellent stand-alone learning tools.

Green Careers Canada Explore these pages to find out more about how you can tap into horticulture or landscaping as a career. It’s a move that could transform your life — for the better.

Xeriscaping: How to Make a Drought-Tolerant Landscape! Do you live in a drier climate? Other types of Landscapes to consider

Industry Links

Industry Research and Reports   Stay on the pulse of the latest trends in horticulture research.

Statistical Overview of Canadian Horticulture 2009 - 2010Landscape Industry Certified Program

Landscape OnSitesNow available for purchase or free download, Landscape OnSites is a series of 10-15 minute training sessions for crews of all skill levels.

Nursery Certification