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Choosing Your Plant Material

Choosing and buying plants from a nursery or garden centre can be a pleasurable experience and, with a few guidelines, you can ensure you get the best quality plants that will grow and flower well in your garden. When doing your next landscaping project, be sure to search for a reputable garden centre. 

Garden Centres will have knowledgeable  staff that assist you in finding the perfect plant material or decor for your next gardening / landscape project. 

Things to look for:
Do the plants look healthy? 
Do the leaves look brown and limp? Has the plants been watered enough or too much?  Healthy plants are important.

Is the Garden Centre reputable?
Is the Garden Centre here to today and gone tomorrow? Usually if the centre has been around for awhile they established a  good reputation for providing quality material.

Is the staff able to answer you questions?
Does the Garden Centre have the right plant for your project?

Do you have a shady area or a sunny area?

Asking the staff for help can mean the difference between a thriving garden or one that you'll be planting again next year.

Does the centre have warranties on the plant material?